What Was Alexander Pisarev Cause Of Death? Russian MMA Fighter Died At 33

What Was Alexander Pisarev Cause Of Death? Russian MMA Fighter Died At 33:- Recently, the renowned MMA fighter Alexander Pisarev passed away un3expectedly. According to the reports, the Russian MMA fighter Alexander Pisarev died on Sunday, October 30, 2022. Currently, the entire Russian MMA community is mourning the unexpected death of MMA star Alexander Pisarev. People have been stunned after listening to this news. What could be the reason for Alexander Pisarev’s demise? As Russian MMA fighter died unexpectedly his cause of death became the topic of the town. But we have come up after doing a deep study on it. You will get all the imperative aspect to read ab0ut Alexander Pisarev’s death. So be sticky with this page. Kindly scroll down the page and learn more.

What Was Alexander Pisarev Cause Of Death Russian MMA Fighter Died At 33

What Was Alexander Pisarev Cause Of Death?

First of all, let’s discuss what was Russian MMA fighter Alexander Pisarev’s age at the time of his demise. According to the reports, Alexander Pisarev died at the age of 33. As he passed away at a premature age, his fans started questioning what is the cause of the death of Alexander Pisarev. However, we did a deep study to gather information about his death reason. And we found a report that revealed his cause of death. It was certain that he had no ongoing medical issues. As he was an MMA athlete he was apparently quite fit and fine. But how did he die? Let’s learn this in the following section. Scroll down the page.

The preliminary reports are claiming that the MMA fighter died due to food poisoning, Yes, the official medical cause of death of Alexander Pisarev was food poisoning. Reportedly, Alexander Pisarev and his wife ate a watermelon due to which they were hit by food poisoning. Meanwhile, Alexander Pisarev’s father discovered them unconscious in their bedroom. The MMA fighter reportedly had died by the time he has rushed to the hospital. What about his wife? Take a look below.

Alexander Pisarev’s wife who also ate food poisoned watermelon was also taken to the hospital. She is currently in the intensive care unit for medical attention. This news was not confirmed by any media outlet. This news broke out on social media first. Canadiansuds tweeted, “An unnamed member of the featherweight’s Tomahawk team told Russian news agency Tass: ‘Alexander Pisarev died in his sleep and did not have any chronic health problems. According to preliminary data, death was the result of food poisoning.”

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