Italian Footballer Giovanni Padovani Beat His Ex-Girlfriend With Hammer To Death, Arrested

Italian Footballer Giovanni Padovani Beat His Ex-Girlfriend With Hammer To Death, Arrested:- A shocking incident took place on 23rd August 2022 with a woman named Alessandra Matteucci who was 57 years old and was an ex-girlfriend of Giovanni Padovan who plays for a soccer local team. He killed her after he waited for her for more than two hours and he was angry after her this gesture so he went to her house and killed her with a hammer. This incident is now getting viral on the internet and people want to know why he killed her and also want to know about this lady. So we have mentioned all the things you are searching for. So, let’s have a look in the next section.

Who Was Alessandra Matteucci?

She was just 56 years old and she was a resident of Bologna. By profession, she was a model and a young player at Napoli who follow her dreams. She was in a relationship with Padovani for a year and his behavior suddenly changes he throw the dishes and broke the lights as told by her sister. After this behavior, she splits and broke up and he stalk him and filled his phone with weird messages and calls. She was afraid of him and think she is not safe with him.

 How Did Alessandra Matteucci Die? Who Kill Her?

So, his ex-lover Padovana killed her with a hammer as she made her wait with a model at the entrance of the building in bologna and travels from Sicily. When she doesn’t come then he reached her home and surprised her and she was on the phone with her sister and he killed her with the hammer. Though, after the injuries, she was sent to the hospital but the injuries made her dead. her sister said that in the last sentence he said that now he will end the things and can’t wait for the police.

Is Giovanni Padovan Arrested?

As her sister already called the police and called the ambulance and neighbors also reach her home after they heard the voices and the police came on the spot and arrested him. now he is under custody and he can’t join any team and he will be jailed for many years. Though the trial date is not fixed he will surely get the punishment and we will surely update you after we get more updates on this news.  Stay tuned with us for more updates. May her Soul Rest In Peace.

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