7 Killed and 8 Injured In Head-On Collision In Pretoria, Says Reports

7 Killed and 8 Injured In Head-On Collision In Pretoria, Says Reports:- A shocking incident happened in North Of Pretoria on Friday and an accident happened in which many people were killed and many are fighting for their life. A horrific incident happened with the people in which two trucks collided with the vehicles and many of the people lost their lives. This news is now getting viral on the internet and people are searching for this news to gather more information about the same. So we are here with the detailed information in this news in the next sections. So, let’s have a look at what exactly happened with the people.

What Happened In Tshwane?

This accident happened in Pretoria on 26th August 2022. the two trucks crashed with the other vehicles and it cause a multi-crash and many of the people died on the spot after the Collison the truck burnt and it gave many bad injuries to the people as the truck blasted. In this incident, a truck burnt fully and many other vehicles burst people who were traveling are now recovering and two children who were two years and one was a toddler died in this accident. The road is now closed in both directions and we have mentioned how many got affected in this incident.

How Many People Die In This Incident?

As this incident make die many people and as per information, given by Tshwane metro police that eight people died in this accident, and in this accident, two young children who were below 4 years died. People were sent to the hospital immediately but now the death numbers are increasing day by day and it’s been tough for the people to recognize the body as many of the bodies are burnt now numbers are increasing and their family details are now investigated.

How Did This Accident Happen?

As people want to know what caused this accident so this case is now given to the police and they are investigating the case. There are no clues in this case and police are trying to find some CCTV cameras but none of the things were found in this case. We don’t have any updates on this news but we will surely update you about the same when we get more updates on this news. Stay tuned with us for more updates and information on Business, Technology, and many more.

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