Is Guapo Lennon Dead or Alive? Pittsburgh Popular Rapper Shot Outside Funeral, Video Reveals!

Is Guapo Lennon Dead or Alive? Pittsburgh Popular Rapper Shot Outside Funeral, Video Reveals!:- In recent days, the crime rate has been increasing in America and other countries after people got news of rappers who have been shot dead outside their homes, restaurants, and many other places. In the last few days, rapper Takeoff, rapper K1 and many others have been dead after being targeted by shooters. Unfortunately, another incident has come out once again after Pittsburgh popular rapper Guapo Lennon has been shot almost eight-time outside of the most recent funeral. This case has been increasing day by day and people are getting updates regarding to rappers’ death.

Is Guapo Lennon Dead or Alive Pittsburgh Popular Rapper Shot Outside Funeral Video Reveals

Is Guapo Lennon Dead or Alive?

Well, we don’t have many details about the incident how did it happen and who were the shooters, trying to kill the rapper? Currently, the rapper’s condition is critical and he is in the hospital and being treated by doctors. According to the latest sources, he luckily got through it but he will remain in the hospital until he comes out of danger. Well, there is no information that who was the shooters but the police are trying to collect more details of this incident and checking all the CCTV footage to identify them. Keep reading to get more information here.

According to the latest updates, Guapo Lennon is in the hospital to get the bullet out. Some of his pictures from the hospital has been shared on social media which is exactly revealing the condition of the rapper and how is he going through. Some rumors are also circulating on social media that he was being targeted by his rival gang.

The popular rapper from Pittsburgh Guapo Lennon came back with a new single and visuals for “All My Life”. He returned with this song after the hit “Be Adore” with Wiz Khalifa hit Apple Music’s new artist playlist. On the single produced by BWITDAHEAT,

As per the sources, a video of the incident is also circulating on social media which was recorded from CCTV footage of the area where the rapper was shot eight times. After that, there was a moment of horror. There is no clarification that who was behind this horrific incident. Police are investigating the incident and trying to locate them by the CCTV footage of the area. We will try to share more details regarding to this incident. Keep in touch with us to get updates on Guapo Lennon.

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