One Dead, 2 People Seriously Injured After Crash in Brock Township CCTV Video Footage

An incident happened with the students of Indiana State University in which the students of this university were traveling and their vehicle hit a tree which is in Western Indiana. In this accident, three students get died and two get severe injuries on their bodies. This incident happened in the early Sunday morning and they met in an accident as announced by the school & local law enforcement. In the car, there were some of the football players of the university this news is now getting viral like fire and people want to know detailed information on this news which is mentioned below.

3 dead, 2 seriously injured in vehicle crash

This accident took place on 21st august 2022 in Western Indiana in the early morning in which students of the Indiana State University were coming to the college and on the way they met in an accident in which they hit a tree in which three of the students died on the spot and two of them got severe injuries on their body parts. They were sent to the hospital immediately by the people who were presented at the time of the accident. The names of the students are not revealed till now but we will update you in a very short time.

One Dead, 2 People Seriously Injured

In this case, the president of the university Deborah Curtis said that as authorities are investigating this case so they don’t have much information in this case and he also gave condolences to the families who lost their children in this accident. A piece of information is also released that this accident happened before 2 am in Riley which is a small town and 10 miles far from the campus in Terre Haute. Police also said that when they reached the spot the car was burned into ashes and two of the students were freed from the vehicle.

This case is now investigating by the police officers and our team is also having an eye on this case so we can update the small thing to our readers as soon as possible. The university was having a women’s soccer match in the afternoon but it was postponed after this tragedy. The families of the children broke down and some of them were football players who had won many trophies for their university. We give condolences to their family who lost their sons in this accident. May they all Rest In Peace.

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