TMC Leader’s Son Ram Kinkar Ram Died In SSKM Hospital After Truck Accident

TMC Leader’s Son Ram Kinkar Ram Died In SSKM Hospital After Truck Accident :- A horrific incident happened in the Dock East Boundary Road in which one man named Ram Pyare who was 35 years old passed away in this accident. This accident happened because of the condition of the road and died on the spot. This news is now getting viral and many questions are now asked by government officials and people that why that road was not built. This case has been given to the police and now will do an investigation and now many truths will come forward. People are now searching for this news to know what actually happened with the guy. So, let’s find out about this news.

Ram Kinkar Ram Died In SSKM Hospital

This incident took place on the boundary road where a man was traveling and he doesn’t know that there is a lorry on the road and his car imbalanced and he was thrown from the car because of this incident and he got severe injuries on his body and he was identified as Ram Kinkar Ram who was the son of the councilor ward 79. He was driving on Saturday to reach his home as he was coming from his office and a truck which was loaded with the fertilizers fell on his car.

He was then immediately taken to the SSKM hospital where doctors tried their best to save him but because of the injuries on his head, he first went to Koma and then died. His family was called after his death and they are numb after his death as he was the one who bring money to their house and now his son has to work and maybe he will get some help from the government.  Now a thing is coming up that why the road was in that condition that accidents happened.

People of that area said that the road was under repair in 2018 but the pipeline of this road was broken and till then it was not get recovered. A resident of this road said that he is living here for several months and saw many accidents occurring here due to this road. People had complained about this road but nothing happened and people started ignoring this road now the questions will be asked by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and now maybe the road get in great condition. We give condolences to his family and may his soul rest in peace. Stay tuned with us for more latest updates.

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