RIP! Rapper Takeoff Shot and Killed Over A Dice Game In Houston

RIP! Rapper Takeoff Shot and Killed Over A Dice Game In Houston:- According to the official confirmation, popular American rapper Kirshnik Khari Ball who is professionally known as Takeoff has been declared dead. Yes. you are reading right, the popular American rapper has been shot dead, as per recent sources. The news of his death was confirmed by many social media channels who are claiming that the rapper was shot dead in Houston. A 28-years-old rapper was reportedly been attending an event in Downton, Houston where the incident took place with him. This news has been released officially on social media and fans are getting disturbed by this news.

Rapper Takeoff Shot and Killed Over A Dice Game In Houston cause of death

Rapper Takeoff Shot and Killed Over A Dice Game

Takeoff was the popular American rapper who has given some of the best hits in the industry and now, the news of his death is coming from all over the sources. The Twitter post from NFR Podcast reads,” It has been confirmed Takeoff has been reported dead. I can’t believe this. Prayers to for his family, Quavo, Offset & everyone around him. RIP TAKEOFF. Momma”. Since the news of his death was confirmed, many people are paying tribute to him and want to know the reason behind this incident. Keep reading to know more details about this incident.

Another Twitter user wrote,” Multiple Houston promoters are claiming they allegedly saw Takeoff get shot & killed at an event”. The page also shared the location where the incident was supposed to be taken place. The image point to 1200 Polk. St. Downton, Houston. Several posts are surrounding all over the Internet which has been confirmed that the rapper has been shot and dead at the spot. According to the sources, the shooter’s identity has not been disclosed yet but the police are trying to locate them.

Along with this, a video of the rapper’s death is available on Twitter where the incident took place and people are getting shocked after seeing the incident in front of them. SAY CHEESE Twitter’s page wrote,” RIP Takeoff. A close source confirmed to us it was over a dice game in Houston”.

Since the news of his death was confirmed, people couldn’t be beliving that Takeoff has gone from this world. He was the rising star of the industry and gave lots of hits to the industry. The rapper got his success from his amazing hits rap songs. We will share more details over his death. Keep in touch with us to know more details here.

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