How Did Rico Swavey Die? Ex-BB Naija Housemate Killed At 29 In Car Accident

How Did Rico Swavey Die? Ex-BB Naija Housemate Killed At 29 In Car Accident:- It is with the greatest sorrow that famous television star Rico Swavey is no more According to the source, Rico Swavey who was also known as Patrick Fakoya passed away just a while ago. Since this news surfaced on the internet fans of Rico Swavey have been asking a number of questions regarding Rico Swavey’s death. How did Rico Swavey die and what was his cause of death? There are numerous questions that have to be answered. Meanwhile, we have come up with this article to make you informed about the unexpected passing of a famous television personality. You are advised to stick with this page and keep reading this article for more details. Scroll down the page and take a look at the further given sections.

How Did Rico Swavey Die Ex-BB Naija Housemate Killed At 29 In Car Accident CCTV Footage Video

How Did Rico Swavey Die?

First of all, who confirmed Rico Swavey’s death news? Rico Swavey was best known for being a participant in Big Brother Naija. Rico Swavey’s real identity was Patrick Fakoya and he surged to fame and prominence after appearing in the reality television show Big Brother Naija. As he had appeared on a famous television show his death news is giving shocking waves to the fans of Big Brother show. Meanwhile, a number of questions are also being asked by his fans on social media. Scroll down the page and read who confirmed this news.

Ex-BB Naija Housemate Killed In Car Accident

According to the reports, Rico Swavey’s death news was affirmed and addressed by his ex-housemates Tobi Bakare and Alex Unusual. Reportedly, Alex and Tobi took to social media and quoted a shocking message. On Thursday, Alexa Unusual posted a tweet on Twitter that reads, “This is not what we agreed Rico. Rest In Peace”. While Tobi Bakare quoted, “This is how I will remember you brother”. Tobi also posted a picture on social media in which Rico Swavey and Tobi both are posing.

Nevertheless, Nigerian television personalities also started a fundraising campaign to provide financial help to Rico Swavey’s family for his funeral arrangements. As per the reports, Rico Swavey’s housemate Tobi also shared the fundraising campaign on Twitter to collect more donations for Rico Swavey’s family. While posting an image of Rico Swavey, Bakre wrote on Twitter, “Please help save Rico. He had a really bad car accident. We have to keep him on life support and continue to pay the rising medical bills while we pray for God’s miracle.”

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