Saskatchewan Stabbings Incident: At least 10 Killed, 15 Injured In Rampage, 2 Suspects Are On The Run

Saskatchewan Stabbings Incident: At least 10 Killed, 15 Injured In Rampage, 2 Suspects Are On The Run:- In the Canadian province, a series of stabbings happened which this stabbing killed more than 10 people and many got injured. This news is confirmed by the Saskatchewan RCMP that on Sunday there are many stabbings happened in different areas and many of the victims are sent to the hospital and many of them lost their life. This news is now getting viral and people are scared after listening to this news, the area is seized for now and the police are investigating this case. Below we have mentioned all the details of this news. So, let’s have a look.

RCMP manhunt after stabbing spree in Saskatchewan

At least 10 Killed, 15 Injured In Rampage

On 4th September 2022 in the afternoon same incident happened in many of the cities in which more than 15 people were killed and many are severe injuries they are now sent to the hospital but still, the death numbers of the victims are increasing. A piece of information is also revealed by the RCMP that some of the victims were targeted and some of them are not. The leaders which were elected have declared a state of emergency in this case and said that numerous murders are happening and people should be aware and stake care of them.

After an investigation, Police found that two men are behind this attack who want to spread horror in the heart of people. The men who are identified are Damien Sanderson & Myles Sanderson, these two are the male suspects who seem to be brothers by blood and did this as motive police are now searching for them and they had also shared that Damien is 5’7 ft and 155 pounds and Myles is 6’1 and his weight is around 200 pounds. So, if anyone finds these types of physical gestures so they must contact the police and tell them their location.

Prime Minister Justin said that he is shocked & devasted after listening to these horrific attacks which took the lives of innocent people and he also mourns and gives condolences to the families who lost their members in this attack. He also said that the government is now in direct communication with James Smith and the residents of the people are scared and the police are now taking care of the homes where the attacks happened. For now, the case is now investigated and we will give you updates when we get more on the same. Till then stay tuned with us for more updates.

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