How Did Stuart Anstis Die? Cause of Death, Cradle of Filth Guitarist Died Aged 48, Obituary

How Did Stuart Anstis Die? Cause of Death, Cradle of Filth Guitarist Died Aged 48, Obituary:- People are searching for Stuart Anstis who was a Guitarist and passed away on 21st August 2022 at the age of 48. His death news has shocked an entire community. His death news was confirmed by his wife & his bandmate on social media after that people filled social media with his death news and gave him tribute in different ways. If you are here to know the cause of his death and other details of him so we have mentioned the details about him which you are searching for. So, let’s have a look in the next section.

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Who Was Stuart Anstis?

He was a great guitarist who founded a group named the metal group Cradle Of filth in 1991 and he had a great sense of magic as whenever he played guitar some magic shows in his hand. Now this group consists of Zoe Marie Federoff a keyboardist and guitarist Marek Ashok and singer Dani. He first joined a metal band but after he released a debut record and after that a Principle of Evil Made Flesh and he also had a big impact on the group. Though he left the band in 199 with other members.

How Did Stuart Anstis Die?

As people want to know the cause of his death so for now his family hasn’t revealed anything related to his death as they are shocked after his death and are not in a condition to say anything. His death news was confirmed by his wife and his other band members via Twitter. Our team is trying to find the cause of his death as some said that his health condition was not good and getting worse day by day. But we will update you after confirmation. Below we have mentioned his obituary details.

Tribute & Obituary Of Stuart Anstis

People filled the social media platform by giving him tribute after knowing his death news. As Cradle Of Filth said that he is extremely sad after hearing this news of our former band group and he also gave condolences to his family. Mark another friend said that he was the one who helped the group and take it to a high level and he will be always missed. Jeremy Saffer said that he is shocked after listening to this news and gave his thoughts to his family. His obituary details are not revealed till now. May Stuart Rest In Peace.

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