What Was Trinity Cornejo Cause Of Death? Troy High School Student Dies Of Fentanyl Poisoning

What Was Trinity Cornejo Cause Of Death? Troy High School Student Dies Of Fentanyl Poisoning:- It is very devastating to hear of the passing of a young softball star who was from Orange County. According to the source, the young softball player who died recently was known as Trinity of Orange County. Trinity was a senior softball player at Troy High School in Fullerton. Since Trinity’s known ones heard about the sudden passing of Trinity they are scrounging web articles to learn what could be her cause of death. As she passed away untimely and unexpectedly her beloved friends and known ones are curious to find out what led her to die too soon. As per the source, her mother recently talked about Trinity’s cause of death. You are advised to read this blog till the end to fetch the information about her cause of death. Also read, what Trinity’s mother said about her.

What Was Trinity Cornejo Cause Of Death Troy High School Student Dies Of Fentanyl Poisoning softball player


What Was Trinity Cornejo Cause Of Death? Troy High School Student Dies

Trinity’s mother named Chrisa Cornejo said her daughter was just 17 years of age when she passed away. Reportedly, the Troy High School Softball player Trinity died on September 30, 2022. But her family members found her unresponsive on October 1, 2022. As Trinity was a softball player with more all-star pins than you can count Chrisa Cornejo said, “that was a bonus you know, she was a great athlete”. Scroll down the page and read more about her.

The day she died she came from a get-together. And Trinity had a conversation with her aunt as she got ready for bed. Meanwhile, she did v’s skincare routine and went to get a sandwich for Trinity. But when Cornejo’s sister came back she found Trinity unresponsive. Meanwhile, Trinity’s mother immediately returned home after getting informed about Trinity and try to give her paramedics to save her life.

Meanwhile, Cornejo also took her daughter to the hospital and explained the circumstances to the doctors. Meanwhile, doctors claimed that Trinity died because of a fentanyl overdose. Reportedly, Trinity stopped breathing around 8:23 am on October 1, 2022. Cornejo also said, “I thought she understood the risk and thought she would never take the risk.”

According to Trinity’s family, she had a great desire to become a therapist or a police officer. Trinity’s mother shared her daughter’s tragic incident with others with the hope that it will aware parents of the fentanyl crisis that is costing teenagers’ lives across the country. Stay tuned to this page for more details and updates.

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