What Happened To Ashely Wadsworth? Boyfriend Jack Sepple Killed Her In Chelmsford, Essex

What Happened To Ashely Wadsworth? Boyfriend Jack Sepple Killed Her In Chelmsford, Essex:- Ashely Wadsworth, a 19-year-old found dead on 1st February, came to the UK to spend some time with her friend. She met a friend online and later she decided to live with him but later he tortured her and she was scared that he will kill her and this same happened to her. This terrible news made their goosebumps as her parents allowed her to move in with the guy. People are searching for more details on this news we have mentioned this in the next section. So, let’s find out what happened to this innocent girl.

What Happened To Ashely Wadsworth Boyfriend Jack Sepple Killed Her In Chelmsford Essex

Who Was Ashely Wadsworth?

She was a 19-year-old girl who was from Vernon British Columbia and when she was just 12 years old she met a mutual friend through Facebook in 2021 she felt a connection with him and later she decided to move in with him and just after a few months he started showing his true colours and started torturing her. They made a relationship and she left her place and at last, what happened to her was she was killed by him. Below we have mentioned the details of his death cause, so let’s have a look.

Who Killed Ashely Wadsworth? Where She Was Found Dead?

She was found dead on 1st February and when Police investigated this case neighbours told her that she knocked on their doors and told them that he assaulted her and she was seeing a naked picture of a woman and he called her lesbian and tortured him badly. She also said that she is fear of him and that he will kill her soon neighbours went to talk with him but later when they left for an appointment and he again did the same thing to her and he killed her later when she asked to leave him.

What Happened To Ashely Wadsworth?

According to the reports, her boyfriend Sepple killed her by stabbing her and he killed her when she was leaving him. He later killed her and put her body on the bed and then do face time with her sister and she filed a complaint. It is said that he had a history of assaults and now he is charged with the murder and is sentenced to imprisonment for more than 23 years. We give our condolences to her family and may her soul gets rest in peace.

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