Why Did Alexandru Ianosi Kill His Wife? Husband Stabbed To Death His Wife Lilia Patranjel

Why Did Alexandru Ianosi Kill His Wife? Husband Stabbed To Death His Wife Lilia Patranjel:- A shocking incident just got to know in which a husband killed his wife. In addition, this news has taken over the internet by storm. Meanwhile, netizens are curious to read about the man who killed his wife. Who is Alexandru Ianosi? Many people are eager to read the answer to this question. Meanwhile, we have come up with this article to give you some important information about Alexandru Ianosi. How did Alexandru Ianosi kill his wife? In this article, you will get to explore every aspect of this story. So be sticky with this page and keep reading this article for more details. You are advised to must follow it till it’s not completed and go through every further given section to fetch all the key points of this story. Drag down the page.

Why Did Alexandru Ianosi Kill His Wife Husband Stabbed To Death His Wife Lilia Patranjel

Why Did Alexandru Ianosi Kill His Wife?

Who was Alexandru Ianosi’s wife? First of all, let’s discuss who was Alexandru Ianosi’s wife. According to the reports, Alexandru Ianosi murdered his wife named Lilia Patenjel. His real identity is Alexandru Ianosi Andreeva Dimitrova. Now the next question rises, How did Alexandru Ianosi kill his wife Lilia Patanjel? As per the reports, Alexandru Ianosi Andreeva Dimitrova stabbed his wife numerous times with a sharp kitchen knife.

Reports provided by the sources are claiming that the incident happened last Thursday evening in Spinea and the attack was so intense that Alexandru Ianosi even took his wife’s arm off with a sharp kitchen knife. The deceased or Alexandru’s wife was discovered with severe stabbing injuries that were certainly the reason for her tragic death. The cliche is Alexandru or the murderer confessed his crime to the police after brutally stabbing Lilia Patanjel. Nonetheless, he also said, “I hit it many, too many times.”

As far as we got to know about the perpetrator who killed his wife, he is 35 years old man. After Alexandru’s confession caused him to be arrested. Reportedly, his lawyers visited him in the prison. After the meeting, Alexandru’s attorney said, “He had a blackout, he doesn’t recall those moments will, but he stated he hit her numerous times.”

Alexandru’s attorney also claimed that the incident happened at the height of one of their numerous arguments. But the bone of contention is still unknown. Stay tuned to this website for further details and updated reports.

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