Basava Siddalinga Swami, Seer Of Sri Guru Madiwaleshwar Math Found Dead

Basava Siddalinga Swami, Seer Of Sri Guru Madiwaleshwar Math Found Dead After “Audio Clip” Goes Viral:- On Monday, September 5, Pontiff Basavasiddalinga Swamiji was dead in a mutt named Guru Madivaleshwara, Karnataka. He had hanged himself in the room of his mutt Guru Madivaleshwara. As per the sources, Pontiff Basavasiddalinga Swamiji was around 50 years old. The police have been investigating the matter.

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How Did Pontiff Basavasiddalinga Swamiji Die?

On the 5th of September, Pontiff Basavasiddalinga Swamiji hanged himself in one of the rooms of the mutt Guru Madivaleshwara, Karnataka. On the same day, when the committee members and disciples searched for Pontiff Basavasiddalinga Swamiji, then they got to know that he committed suicide in a room. The disciples called the police, and the police started to investigate the matter and the place.
Before a bit longer period of time, an audio clip of two women talking to each other had spread on social media platforms. It can be heard in the audio that the two women are talking with each other about Pontiff Basavasiddalinga Swamiji. In one of their statements, the women talk about Pontiff Basavasiddalinga Swamiji and say that he has been involved in the sexual abuse of women.

Statement By The Police

As per the statement by the police, when they reached the spot where Pontiff Basavasiddalinga Swamiji had hanged himself to a rope in Guru Madivaleshwara, Karnataka. They found a note on which it had been written that Pontiff Basavasiddalinga Swamiji has not done any kind of mistake. He shared that he has been disturbed after he is being accused of sexual abuse. Pontiff Basavasiddalinga Swamiji also shared in the note that audio of two women talking to each other; is being spread on social media platforms. The women in the audio have accused Pontiff Basavasiddalinga Swamiji of sexual abuse.

Tribute To Pontiff Basavasiddalinga Swamiji

There are a lot of followers of Pontiff Basavasiddalinga Swamiji. Since they got to know that Pontiff Basavasiddalinga Swamiji has died, and committed suicide. They have started a protest for the justice of Pontiff Basavasiddalinga Swamiji. The followers are highly demanding authority and the government to take action against the two women who have alleged Pontiff Basavasiddalinga Swamiji for the sexual abuse. In the protest, the followers, the disciples, and the committee also asked for the arrest of the two women. The last rites of Pontiff Basavasiddalinga Swamiji have still not been done, and as per the sources, the followers would only complete the last rites when the matter is entirely solved.

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