Bemidji State Football Player Bryce Duffy Suffered Neck Injury During MSUM Game

Bemidji State Football Player Bryce Duffy Suffered Neck Injury During MSUM Game:- This is to inform you that a football player from Bemidji State sustained severe injuries during a game on Saturday, October 15, 2022. The injury news left fans stunned and shocked as the player is about to miss a few games due to his injury concern. Since the news of a football player’s injury surfaced on the internet it is trending all over the internet thus netizens in large numbers are curious to know who is the player and what is his name. However, we have discussed every imperative aspect of this game. Kindly stick with this page and keep reading this article. In the further given sections, we have also discussed who confirmed the injury news and gave an update on the player. Be sticky and keep reading this article. Scroll down the screen.

Bemidji State Football Player Bryce Duffy Suffered Neck Injury During MSUM Game football

Football Player Bryce Duffy Suffered Neck Injury

Reportedly, the player who sustained a neck injury during the Saturday game is known as Bryce Duffy. Furthermore, Bryce Duffy was playing a football game with MSUM on Saturday night when he sustained a traumatic neck injury. Bryce Duffy is a tight-end player at Bemidji State. The senior fullback player was immediately taken to a hospital after the incident on Saturday. Shift to the next section and learn what the circumstances surrounding the injury incident.

Moreover, the football game was being played at Nemzek Stadium when he hit a second quarter and incurred a neck injury. As per the source, Bryce Duffy is a young boy whose age is just 21-year-old. Reportedly, he was taken on a stretcher after a traumatic incident. Meanwhile, Bryce Duffy’s mother named Cathy took to Twitter and gave an update regarding her son’s neck injury. His mother said that it was not a helmet-to-helmet collision but a neck injury that caused a spinal contusion. Cathy also reported that Bryce is getting some movement back and his arms are not so much.

Nevertheless, Brent Bolte who is the head coach of the university also expressed his sorrow over Bryce’s injuries. Brent Bolte said, “he is a great kid and is fighting hard. We are engaged in campus resources to ensure his transition back to campus will be successful on the field and in the classroom.” Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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