How Did Dermot Louison Die? Painter & Artist Dies Aged 89

How Did Dermot Louison Die? Painter & Artist Dies Aged 89:- The famous painter, Dermot Louison, has been reported to be dead at the age of 89. He has made a lot of popular paintings which have been sold around the entire world. The artist Dermot Louison took his primary education from the St Ann’s RC School. Later he did his secondary education at the Tranquility Government School. When Dermot Louison was at an early age, he started to be more attached to the paintings and colors. While Dermot Louison was doing his graduation, he visited a lot of countries. His basic reason for visiting the different countries was to gain an education, but it also gave him some profit with his artistic skills.

How Did Dermot Louison Die Painter & Artist Dies Aged

Who Was Dermot Louison?

In the year 1933, the famous artist Dermot Louison was born. He had been born in a middle-class family in Woodbrook, Downtown West, Port of Spain. Dermot Louison had spent his entire childhood in Cascade and St Ann’s, Port of Spain. As Dermot Louison grew old, he took his primary education from St Ann’s RC School. Later, Dermot Louison did his secondary education at the Tranquillity Government School. Some sources claim that, when Dermot Louison was at an early age, he started to do painting and he gained so much interest in painting. He was a self-made artist, who did a lot of practice on his art, and there came a time when he became one of the most famous artists. Dermot Louison mostly portrayed the slices of rural Trinidadian life.

Tribute To Dermot Louison

Dermot Louison was a great artist. His paintings inspired a lot of artists to put life in their portraits. When the news of the demise of Dermot Louison was announced through social media platforms, then all his admirers, and known people got shocked to know that Dermot Louison is no more there to make more portraits.

However, Dermot Louison is going to be lived by all his family members, friends, and admirers. We do not have any words for the family members, friends, and admirers of Dermot Louison. Thinking about his family members, friends and admirers makes our hearts sink in sorrow. We stand with the family members and friends of Dermot Louison in their hard times. Dermot Louison is going to live for a long period of time through his paintings. May the soul of Dermot Louison rest in the pure hands of God. Stay tuned to the website of Dekh News for the latest updates on such news.

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