How Rich Is Taylor Gahagen? Compare Jessica Pegula Net Worth To Her Husband Taylor Gahagen

How Rich Is Taylor Gahagen? Compare Jessica Pegula Net Worth To Her Husband Taylor Gahagen:- Jessica Pegula does not require any introduction to the tennis community as she has a career-high WTA singles ranking of number 7 worldwide while her ranking in WTA doubles is number 6 that she acquired a few days ago. Since Jessica Pegula gained her career-high WTA rankings she became a trending subject on the internet. Thus netizens are curiously asking various questions regarding her such as what is Jessica Pegula’s age, what is Jessica Pegula’s net worth, and who is Jessica Pegula’s husband. There are ample questions that her fans and followers are eager to explore. If you are also seeking a detailed article then stick to this web page and follow it till the end. Kindly scroll down the page and read it till the end.

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How Rich Is Taylor Gahagen?

Jessica Pegula is an American tennis player. At this time, she is standing at number 6 on the WTA doubles rankings. It has been a significant period since she is dominating in singles. That is the reason Jessica Pegula was promoted in the WTA rankings. At this point in time, she is a top-rated American star as she achieved the top 10 rankings in both categories. Read some personal information about Jessica Pegula such as her age, birthplace, and more. Scroll down the screen.

According to the reports, she is a native of Buffalo, NY and now she claims Charleston, South Carolina her home. Moreover, Jessica Pegula does training with a Florida-based trainer named David Witt. Talking about her age, she is just 28 years of age. That means she has enough time to achieve further milestones in her career. Now the next question arises about her is “what is Jessica Pegula’s net worth?” Let’s shift to the further section for more details.

Jessica Pegula is reportedly married to her husband Taylor. However, she is said to be the daughter of Terry Pegula who is reported to be the 434th richest person in the world. Talking about her assets and net worth, she possesses far more than that Taylor. Yes, she has surpassed the net worth of $3 million following her 1st WTA 1000 final in Spain. She is the daughter of billionaire Terry and Kim Pagula. Her father is a self-made billionaire. Reportedly, her father also gifted a yacht to her worth $15 million. Stay tuned to this page.

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