Is Kellie Bright Leaving Eastenders? Is Kelly Bright Pregnant Again? Actress Confirmed!

Is Kellie Bright Leaving Eastenders? Is Kelly Bright Pregnant Again? Actress Confirmed!:- It is being speculated that the British actress and model Kellie Bright might be leaving the popular soap opera known as EastEnders. According to the ongoing whispering, Kellie Bright might leave the show in the forthcoming days. Nevertheless, it is also rumored that the reason for her leaving the show is her pregnancy. Yes, this is what people are talking about the actress. There are a lot of gossip are being made about Kellie Bright. If you are eager to find out if the actress is pregnant or not then keep reading this article. Scroll down the screen and learn more about her.

Is Kellie Bright Leaving Eastenders?

Kellie Bright’s departure from East Enders is cited as her 4th pregnancy with her husband. Who is Kellie Bright’s husband? We have still various aspects to discuss. Kellie Bright is married to her husband Paul Stocker and the couple has already given birth to three children. Moreover, the third child of Kellie Bright and Paul Stocker was born in July 2021. Now we have once again reported that she might have been pregnant for the fourth time. And this news also connected with her departure rumor from East Enders. Is that true? Let’s find out this in the following section of this article.

According to the report, the English actress Kellie Bright is not leaving the show. Kellie Bright has not made such a comment and statement regarding her leaving the show. Thus, we debunked the rumors of her departure from East enders. Thus the actress became the subject of rumors in recent times. Kellie Bright is famous for essaying the role of Linda Carter in East Enders. Reportedly, she is doing this job since 2013. Moreover, Linda’s children appeared in the show for the first time on 19th December 2013. Shift to the further section and find out if the actress is pregnant or not.

Reportedly, the ongoing rumors of Kellie Bright’s pregnancy are not true. She is definitely not pregnant at this time. Meanwhile, the actress also has made it clear that she is not supposed to give birth again after the birth of her third child. It is also known that the actress faced several difficulties in carrying on past pregnancies and giving birth to her second and third children. Her three children are Geen Harlyn Stocker, Rud Joy Stocker, and Freddie Stocker. Stay tuned to this website.

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