AMBER ALERT ISSUED: Who Is Timothy Truitt? Jaxon Truitt and Adriana Truitt Abducted By Father

AMBER ALERT ISSUED: Who Is Timothy Truitt? Jaxon Truitt and Adriana Truitt Abducted By Father:- AMBER Alerts have been issued by State Police on behalf of the Hampton Police Department after two children were abducted in Hampton. According to the sources, both children are believed to be in extreme danger and authorities are trying to locate them as soon as possible. Since the abduction of the children was confirmed, several officers and police departments are trying to identify the victim of this case. Along with this, a name has been circulating on social media. So, let’s find out who is Timothy Truitt and the suspect in the abduction of Jaxon Truitt and Adriana Truitt. Keep reading this article as we will provide all the details of the abduction of the children.

AMBER ALERT ISSUED Who Is Timothy Truitt Jaxon Truitt and Adriana Truitt Abducted By Father children

Who Are The Kids?

According to the sources, two kids named Jaxon Truitt and Adriana Truitt have been kidnapped. As per the sources, their father who is also their guardian, Timothy Truitt was allegedly kidnapped by their father at the Hampton Walmart. The incident took place at Sunday afternoon and was the subject of an Amber Alert which was issued by Virginia State Police on Monday. We are going to provide all the details of the incident and from where they went disappeared.

As per the Hampton Police, Timothy Paul Truitt was at the Walmart Supercenter at 1900 Cunningham Drive on Sunday with both kids and their legal guardian. As per the police reports, at around 02:30 PM, Timothy Truitt and another guy removed themselves from the guardian of his children and left the spot.

Who Were Jaxon Truitt & Andriana Truitt?

According to the sources, Jaxon Truitt who is a 2-year-old boy was seen in one man’s arms, while Adriana Truitt, who is just a 1-year-old girl was being transported in a car seat by the other man. Later, Hampton Police stated that they exited from the parking lot in a maroon Kia vehicle.

With this, the Virginia State Police released an Amber Alert sent out at around 04:30 PM that “The children are considered to be in danger”. Since the announcement of the children’s abduction went viral on social media, many users are sharing their details for the sake to save them from their father. Along with this, police also released the details of Timothy Truitt who came in a maroon KIA car with another man. Police didn’t share many details about this incident, so, keep in touch with us to know more details.

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