Why Did Chris Wallace Leave Fox News? Official Announcement Explained!

News is coming that Chris Wallace is now quitting Fox News this news has shocked the people and they want to know the reason behind this decision. He first left the channel but later he talked about this issue publically which we have mentioned in the next section. He joined Fox News in 2003 and he also worked with two channels named NBC News and ABC News he made his reputation working on these channels, he has also covered the five presidential at fox news and had served in this many positions but left it later and the reason is mentioned below.

Why Did Chris Wallace Leave Fox News Official Announcement Explained joined


Who Is Chris Wallace?

He was born on 12th October 1947 in the U.S. By profession, he made his career in journalism and he had been served in many positions on CBS, NBC, Fox News and many other channels.  He has won many awards now named Emmy Award, Peabody Award, George Polk, and many others because of his work. During the Republic National Convention, he became the assistant of Walter Cronkite, he completed his graduation from Harvard University and also worked as a national reporter. But now he left fox news and we have mentioned the reason in the next section.

Why Did Chris Wallace Leave Fox news?

After he departed from this Network he talked about the reason why he left Fox News and the people who worked at this organization started questioning him on major topics including Jan 6 riot and the 2020 election. He also said that he was not feeling comfortable working with this channel later and he said people had bad opinions of him and he is okay with the questions but he can’t answer all of them and he was not feeling good with the people.

What Did Fox News Say About Wallace’s Departure?

So while talking about his departure they recall how he joined this network and this channel promised him that they will never interfere with his work and they kept their promise. They also said that it was a proud thing that he worked with them and they also said that there will be a shift in this show until we don’t get a permanent host for the show. CNN has also made an announcement in which they mentioned that he will join this channel as an anchor and that they are lucky to have him on their show.

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