Why Did Mayka Kukucova Shot Dead British Millionaire Andrew Bush? Model Shared Pictures From Spanish Beach

Why Did Mayka Kukucova Shot Dead British Millionaire Andrew Bush? Model Shared Pictures From Spanish Beach:- Recently, a statement by the sister of a millionaire from Britain is going viral on social media platforms, and the internet.  She has said a lot of things about the demise of her brother as his ex-girlfriend had killed him with a gun. The sister of the famous jeweler named Andrew Bush said that during the entire time of the court trial Mayka Kukucova tried to show herself as an innocent person, and had lied so much which later found to be totally false. Andrew Bush, who was known to be a famous millionaire, was killed by his ex-girlfriend after he had been back home with his other partner.

Why Did Mayka Kukucova Shot Dead British Millionaire Andrew Bush Model Shared Pictures From Spanish Beach

Statement By The Sister Of Andrew Bush

The sister of Andrew Bush shared on her social media platform after the photos of Mayka Kukucova went viral that she understands that Mayka Kukucova has gone on parole, but the time period of the sentence has still not been done yet. She says that it would be silly to think of what she had done in the streets in a quick response to a situation. She said that she was not aware that Mayka Kukucova was posting her photos enjoying her time. But as the news of Mayka Kukucova’s enjoying spread then she got to know through the newspapers. It was shocking for her to get to know that Mayka Kukucova has been enjoying out of the jail.

What Did Mayka Kukucova Do?

Mayka Kukucova is a 32 years old woman. She had killed a millionaire named Andrew Bush. After the investigation, it came to the fore that, Mayka Kukucova had killed Mr. Bush because he had brought his other girlfriend to the house, and at that time Mayka Kukucova was still at home. When Mayka Kukucova got to know that Andrew Bush had come into another relationship she killed him. Everything that had happened was just because of the jealousy Mayka Kukucova had from the other girlfriend of the man. Mayka Kukucova was jailed for 15 years in the month of May 2016, but later the sentence for her punishment got reduced in the same year for the imprisonment of 13 years.

Recently, Mayka Kukucova posted some of her photos on social media platforms. After she shared her photos, her photos started to go viral on the internet, and social media platforms. As Mayka Kukucova shared her photos her love story with Andrew Bush has come in front of the world for the second time, and now a lot of netizens are reacting to the photos of Mayka Kukucova and saying a lot of negative things to her. Stay connected with Dekh News for the latest updates on such news.

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