Paul Hoolahan Dead: Former Allstate Sugar Bowl CEO Dies At 72

Paul Hoolahan Dead: Former Allstate Sugar Bowl CEO Dies At 72:- Paul Hoolahan, the person who had been the leader and the Chief Executive officer of the Allstate Sugar Bowl for more than a decade is reported to be dead. There are sources that have claimed that Paul Hoolahan died on Wednesday, 16th of November, 2022.

Paul Hoolahan Dead Former Allstate Sugar Bowl CEO Dies

According to the reports, Paul Hoolahan was around the age of 72. His demise was announced by the official social media accounts of the Allstate Sugar Bowl. However, it has still not been announced what would be the cause of Paul Hoolahan being dead. His sudden demise has shocked everyone. He was known to be a very great man. Paul Hoolahan had got to be retired from the post of the Chief Executive Officer of the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

Who Was Paul Hoolahan?

Paul Hoolahan was leading the Allstate Sugar Bowl of the major changes in college football. He was at the age of 72. He joined the Allstate Sugar Bowl in the year 1996 from Vanderbilt University, in the United States of America. At first, Paul Hoolahan was working as the director of athletics in the rotation of the Bowl Championship Series. Later in the year 2018, Paul Hoolahan had got to be retired. After the retirement of Paul Hoolahan, he handed over the post of Chief Executive Officer to Jeff Hundley. Before being the Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Hundley was working as the Chief Executive Officer.

Tribute To Paul Hoolahan

Paul Hoolahan’s dedication to the Allstate Sugar Bowl is never going to be forgotten. There are a lot of things that Paul Hoolahan had done whether it was related to his professional life or to family members and friends. He was a very kind man. And now he is going to be remembered as a very kind, and charming man. He was not only charming, but he was also a man of his word.

There are a lot of people who were ever connected to Paul Hoolahan in a professional way, and they say that there was never a chance that would have made Paul Hoolahan to take his words back. There are a lot of people on social media platforms and the internet who have been giving their tributes to Paul Hoolahan after he passed away. We hope the soul of Paul Hoolahan would have found peace. Keep on following the website of Dekh News for the latest updates on the latest news.

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